Let's begin by going back in time nearly two decades to the Southern California town of Van Nuys. My brother and I were in our first years of designing and building hand crafted boutique guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets. We were in our late twenties at the time, not new to the music industry, but eager to meet and learn from the many amplifier designers and builders that would attend the trade show.
Amp Show was a small but popular trade show organized and hosted by Loni Specter and Myles Rose. It's geared toward guitars, guitar amps, speaker cabinets and everything guitar related really. For a weekend we would take over the entire AirTel Plaza Hotel.

Being our first trade show, we wanted to exhibit our finest work. Our popular products at the time were the Fargen Blackbird, Miniplex MK1, AC DuoTone, J Design Old Dog 212, 212 Vintage and my best seller, the 112 Vintage. We hauled all of our gear in a custom utility trailer and matching Toyota 4Runner down central California highways and over the Grapevine to get there. We were not limited on space but horsepower. To save weight, I decided that I would not show any of my 15" speaker cabinets or 10" speaker cabinets but instead would bring a couple of extra speakers to test. It was just a few days until we needed to pack up gear for the show when I had the idea a speaker baffle adapter would allow us to showcase the 10" speakers and the 12" speakers in one cabinet. Over the next few days I perfected the design and built a run of a dozen Add-A-Baffle Speaker Adapters for the show. I also decided to build and bring along one of my 115 Vintage cabinets. I could then showcase the Add-A-Baffle adapter on that one cabinet. A 15" speaker converted down to a 12" speaker then again to a 10". This ended up being a very popular product at the show. We demonstrated the adapter to a few store owners and many musicians. I sold every last Add-A-Baffle plus the 15" cabinet loaded with all three Add-A-Baffle options.

I knew I had a great product and would need to obtain a patent to protect my design. in November of 2003, I obtained a Utility Patent for the Add-A-Baffle designs. I have since sold over 2,000 Add-A-Baffle adapters as well as my other Add-A-Baffle Beamer and Add-A-Baffle Boomer designs. We're still using the same high quality 1/2" Baltic Birch Steel T-Nuts and Machine screws for hardware.

Check out the Add-A-Baffle product line on our website at www.jdesigncabs.com

Jeff Earl
Owner: J Design Speaker Enclosures

Photo of Add-A-Baffle Models